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Photo by Bill Dean

Photo by Bill Dean

Awards Presented at May 2015 National Garden Club, Inc. Convention in Louisville, KY

National Garden Club President Linda Nelson presents National Capital Area President David Healy with the 2015 Awards to National Capital Area.

Central Atlantic Region award recipients at the National Garden Club.  From left:  Pennsylvania president Sharon Brown, Ohio president Mickie Marquis, New York president Pat Wania, NCA President David Healy, Maryland President Jackie Handley, CAR Director Mary Warshauer, Delaware President Dottie Howatt, and New Jersey President Barbara Mullin.

National Capital Area Garden Clubs, Inc. received the following awards:

President’s Project Award and $200

Making a World of Difference-Choices Matter

FIRST PLACE, Medium Club, Natural Resources-Wildlife

to Laurel Garden Club of West Springfield


Scholarship Award presented to Ashley Anne Strobridge


Tommy Donnan Certificate of Merit for Award #12-3 Dii Publication 13-24 page newsletter, medium state



Tommy Donnan Certificate of Merit for Award #13-3 Aii Publication Horticulture, Medium Club

FIRST PLACE—Potomac Library Plant Guide


NGC Award #16-A-1 Yearbook to Fairfax Ferns Garden Club


NGC Award #16-A-3 Yearbook to Potomac Village Garden Club


NGC Award #19 for Horticulture Therapy

Award of Merit to Rock Spring Garden Club


Hubert Bond Owens Award #40 certificate and silver tray

Award of Merit to Landscape Design Council of National Capital Area Garden Club, Inc.


NGC Award #57-A certificate and burgundy & pink rosette

to National Capital Area Garden Clubs, Inc.

Standard Flower Show in Public Building Achievement Award

“Science Into Nature Equals Art”


Youth Recyclable Sculpture Contest

Honorable Mention-4th Grade to Anwar Darham

Springfield Acres Garden Club

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