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District I Clubs

Mount Airy Clay Breakers Garden Club

President: Lenay O’Quinn

     Email:  Lenay O’Quinn

    Phone:  301-782-3620

General Club Meeting Information:

Meeting 6:30 pm on 2nd Thursday of the month in members houses


Mount Airy Clay Breakers Garden Club was founded in 1978.

Continuing Community Projects:

1. Holloway Park: maintain entrance garden

2. Concordia Lutheran Church: maintain entrance garden

3. Concordia Lutheran Church: conduct children’s after-school gardening program

Tanta-Cove Garden Club

President: Constance Taylor

Corresponding Secretary – Mary Quarles

      Email:  Mqpsych@aol.com

      Phone : 301- 292-0979

Membership Chair - Grace Collins

      Email: foodfarmacist@gmail.com

      Phone: 202- 352-7164

Meeting Times:  1st Wednesday of Month: September - June

Location:           St. John’s Episcopal Church in Fort Washington, Maryland

        and at members’ homes.  

Tanta-Cove Garden Club was organized in 1966 and joined the National Capital Area Garden Clubs, Inc. in 1968.  The Club is a non-profit, philanthropic, and educational association that serves its members, and the community at large.


Membership: Tanta-Cove has 34 Active members, 5 sustaining members,                     5 subscribing members.  Annual membership dues are $45.

Newsletters: The Club publishes the “Twigs & Sprigs” newsletter, and minutes of                     each meetings; both are distributed electronically to members.  

Horticulture: Members are asked to bring a specific type of horticulture to monthly                     meetings, and a panel of judges’ rate and select the best of the                     breed, before the close of each meeting.


In October 2017, the Club will host a gala to celebrate its 50th Anniversary.

The purpose of the Club includes:   

    -Promoting the love of horticulture and gardening, and encouraging the      cultivation, preservation and improvements of the overall community landscape

    -Sharing knowledge that highlights gardening conservation practices; the      recognition of plants, trees and shrubs; and the masterful creation of floral      arrangements

    -Educating members on all phases of home gardening, in order to heighten      knowledge-base; promote innovative practices; and influence continued      interest in beautification of the home and community served

Tanta- Cove’s Theme for the 2016- 2017 season is: Share the Wealth

Tanta-Cove Members are actively engaged in the community, and have interesting and quality programs that include:  

Community Gardens

Tanta-Cove maintains a community garden at the intersections of Swan Creek and Fort Washington Roads (at the roundabout).  This project began 18 years ago in cooperation with the Maryland Department of Motor Vehicles, and is maintained by club members with the support of Denison’s nursery (watering, mulching, etc.).  The garden is also supported through donations from the Tantallon Citizens Association.  In addition, and for more than ten years, Tanta-Cove has maintained a Blue Star Memorial garden at St. John’s Episcopal Church.  Until recently, and for many years, the Club maintained a garden at the Potomac Landing Elementary School in Fort Washington, Maryland.   

Special Events and Projects

Community Plant Sales: Every two years, Tanta-Cove hosts a widely publicized plant sale in the  community, to raise money for purposeful club activities.

Christmas Wreaths:  Club members and invited guests make Christmas wreaths to sell.  

Small Standards Flower Show: Held on an annual basis

Community Landscape and Garden Awards: Several times a year Tanta-Cove recognizes community homeowners that have beautifully designed and maintained yards and gardens.  

Community Outreach to Seniors: monthly visits to bring small floral arrangements to  Milennium Health Center

We are looking for new members!

We welcome new residents, retirees, men and women who want to learn and are passionate about beautification, nature, health, & sustainable living.