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Outstanding Programs Submission

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Here are some useful information on Day to Day basis.

National Capital Area Garden Club Members who are also members of the National Garden Club Board.  From Left to Right:  Lydia Barbour serves on the Environmental Studies Schools Committee, Caroline Carbaugh serves on the Landscape Design Schools Committee as the Newscape Editor, Jo Sellers serves as NCAGC State President, Shirley Nicolai serves on the Internal Organization Committees as Future Planning member, the Liaison Committee as United States Floral

 Design Society and Advisory Committee as Committee 2011-2013 NGC President.  Ellen Spencer serves on the Liaison Committee as the Friendship Garden representative.  Mary Ellen Alden also serves on the committee as national Butterfly Garden representative and is also the Central Atlantic Region Alternate Director.  Estelle Woodcock serves on the Organization Study Committee.  Anne Bucher serves on the Executive Committee-Regional Directors/Scholarship Committee as the Central Atlantic Region Director.

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