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© 2015 National Capital Area Garden Clubs

National Capital Area Garden Clubs, Inc.

District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia

Headquarters at Arbor House, U.S. National Arboretum

3501 New York Avenue, N. E., Washington, D. C. 20002-1958

Donations: checks for any of the following NCAGC-supported organizations should be sent to Carole Butler and made out to NCAGC with a designation in the memo line as to what the money is to support:

The IRS recognizes NCAGC as a 501 (c)(3) educational organization and donations to NCAGC are deductible by the donor on their income tax.  Donations to NCAGC may be made by lifetime gifts or by a bequest in the donors will or trust.  Donors may limit the use of their gifts to programs, schools, scholarships or NCA special projects.  However, unlimited gifts allow NCAGC to continue to operate these programs, schools, scholarships and special projects.

All checks supporting these organizations should be sent to Carole Butler for proper distribution and recording.  Checks may be sent any time throughout the year for special recognitions or donations. Clubs donating $50 or more to NCAGC to support these organizations receive a Certificate of Recognition at the Spring Awards meeting.  Clubs are welcome and invited to make contributions to additional organizations, but such checks should go directly to those organizations.      


List of NCAGC supported organizations:  

Rain Gardens at the U.S. National Arboretum, Community Gardening, Fern Valley, Friendship Garden, Chesapeake Bay Foundation, Nature Conservancy and Scholarship.

Schools: Environmental Studies School, Gardening Studies School, Flower Show School, and Landscape Design School are all made available to you and supported by the NCAGC.  Therefore, all checks to any of our schools should be made out to the NCAGC with the school in the memo line.  These checks should be sent to the school registrar as directed in the application.   

Life Memberships:

A Life Membership is a way of honoring an individual.  The contributions go to the NCAGC Scholarship Fund. Applications for the NCAGC Life Membership (with check for $50 made out to NCAGC) can be sent any time throughout the year to the Life Membership Chair:

Babs McClendon                          lifemembership@ncagardeclubs.org                       

3700 Riverwood Court          

Alexandria, VA 22309  

Application for the NGC (National) Life Membership and check ($200) are made out to NGC and sent to the National Life Membership Chairman.  This application form can be obtained by clicking here and being redirected to the NGC website.  Application can be made any time.

Application forms for the C.A.R. Life Membership are available at the ngcCAR website or by clicking here. This check ($50 payable to the Central Atlantic Region) is sent to the C.A.R. Life Member Chairman as noted ion their application which can be made at any time.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact:

Paula Knepper, Treasurer, NCAGC        (click on name to send email

615 Warfield Drive                              to: pknepper@verizon.net)

Rockville, MD 20850


 And, if you have questions about where to send a check, feel free to ask Carole or Paula, or send it to one of them and they will see it gets to where it needs to go.

Money:  Dues and Donations Information

The most important address to remember:

Carole Butler, Executive Secretary            (click on name to send email

1508 Auburn Avenue                                 to: carolegdnclbs@msn.com)

Rockville, MD 20850-1120


Membership Dues: sent to Carole Butler by May 1st of calendar year

($8 per capita) for continuing club members and new club members can be sent at any time, but should be submitted to Carole soon after being collected so that paid members receive all benefits for the year (Capital Gardener, notices of upcoming activities and educational opportunities, etc.).  Dues received after February 1st are credited to the following Garden Club year unless they are for new members.

Affliate Dues:    information coming soon