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NCAGC Gardening Consultants Council

Established in NCAGC in 1996

Our group currently has 35 gardeners, who are graduates of the Gardening Study program, and 5 provisional members who will become graduates in 2016!  Knowing that learning and doing are life-long gardening pursuits, we continue to study and learn about state-of-the-art techniques and products that help to make gardening fun and rewarding.  Our Council is sponsored by National Capital Area Garden Clubs, Inc., a non-profit organization which is part of the largest gardening organization in the world, National Garden Clubs, Inc.

Goals: To stimulate interest in gardening and horticulture, to encourage growing plants to their peak of perfection, to keep members and the public informed about advanced gardening techniques, to assist garden clubs by giving programs that promote gardening and horticultural excellence, and to support the Gardening Study program.

We enjoy garden visits, nursery tours, expert lectures, plant study, and other related programs and activities aimed at increasing horticulture knowledge. Gardening Consultants then use their knowledge to serve on community beautification committees, to help with historic garden restoration projects, to work with children to promote gardening enthusiasm and knowledge, and in many other ways that serve the communities where we live.


The first Garden Study course of the National Capital Area was offered in the fall of 1994, with the next three courses following in order in April and October 1995 and April 1996.  Eleven students who completed all fours courses and passed all their exams earned the honor of becoming the National Capital Area’s first accredited gardening consultants.  Ten additional students who had completed at least two courses become provisional consultants.

Membership Requirements:

Any NCAGC garden club member who has taken all four Gardening Study courses and passed the examinations with a score of at least 70% may join Gardening Consultants Council.  Students who complete any two courses are eligible to join the Council as provisional members while they complete the final two courses.  To retain membership, consultants must complete at least one refresher Gardening Study course at least once every five years.  Members may also refresh by taking an approved (NGC sanctioned) trip/tour.

Latest Newsletter


President - Joyce Skoglund

Vice President - Connie Dalpra

Secretary - Norma Hetrick

Treasurer - Pat Hanrehan

Parliamentarian - Paula Knepper


Advisor - Audrie Whitney

Gardening Study Schools - Joyce Skoglund

Membership - Carol Carter

Newsletter - Janey Nadler

If you enjoy digging in the dirt, come join us!

All gardeners can become accomplished horticulturists!  

Join the Gardening Study School and become inspired to take some gardening risks!

Joyce Skoglund, School Chairman

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