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© 2015 National Capital Area Garden Clubs

National Capital Area Garden Clubs, Inc.

District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia

Headquarters at Arbor House, U.S. National Arboretum

3501 New York Avenue, N. E., Washington, D. C. 20002-1958

Photo taken by Cherie Lejeume.

Dear Garden Club Members,

This page is full of some very valuable information.   This information was gathered from the minutes of the Leadership Conference that was held in June 2015 and run by Shirley Nicolai, former NGC and NCAGC President.



NCAGC President

National Capital Area Garden Club Information

 Each of us belongs to a local garden club, I of 4 districts, National Capital Area Garden Clubs, Inc. (NCAGC), the Central Atlantic Region (CAR) and National Garden Clubs, Inc. (NGC).  The Central Atlantic Region (DE, MD, NCA, NJ, NY, OH, PA) is one of 8 regions, each with a Region Director who is a member of NGC’s Executive Committee that meets 3 times each year.  Region Directors rotate among “states” every 2 years.  NCAGC’s own Anne Bucher currently serves in this position.

 Clubs filing IRS Form 990-N (electronic postcard), need to do so no later than the 15th day of the 5th month after the close of the tax year.  (See www.irs.gov/Charities-&-Non-Profits.)

 The 4 NGC Schools are opportunities to take advantage of-here or any place in the country where they are offered. The website calendar has up-to date information on which schools are being offered, when and where.  NCA will sponsor Environmental Studies School again after the current Gardening Study series is completed.  The NCA Landscape Design School works collaboratively with the Federated Garden Clubs of Maryland to offer the various Courses.  There is also Flower Show School to consider.  Completing schools allows one to join Councils for further education and special events.

Fern Valley is a long-time project with NCA involvement at the Arboretum. Clubs are invited to schedule volunteer time by contacting the curator Joan Feely and to make monetary donations.

 Read about the history of Friendship Garden, near Arbor House.

Running a Garden Club Meeting:

 Efficient business meetings call for a printed agenda, with copies being given to the recording secretary and those

 Motions can be ranked, with the main motion being like clubs.  A motion to amend is like diamonds.  A motion to refer to committee is like hearts.  A motion to postpone consideration to a definite time is the highest ranking, like spades.  A motion to table or lay it on the table ends with a period-without an “until”.  It only comes back to the group if someone moves to take it from the table.

Can you name the ladies in this picture?  District and State meetings are wonderful places to meet new and really neat gardeners!  Check out the calendar for more information!

Presidental Information

President’s project:

Youth Seeds

Details from the LEED WEED Chairmen coming soon!