The National Capital Area Garden Clubs, Inc. is delighted to present scholarships to four students for the 2022-23 academic year:



Calla Reidy is completing her Sophomore year at Warren Wilson College majoring in Environmental Studies. Her career goal is to be an environmental educator for young children. Calla works in the family landscaping business and volunteers with the Rowe Center as a camp counselor developing kid’s connection to nature and community.






Kana Furukawa, is a Junior at Berry College majoring in Environmental Science with Minors in Biology and Spanish. Her career goal is to find a position with a government agency like the Soil and Water Conservation Districts, Fish and Wildlife Service or the National Park Service. She has a part-time job with Berry College grounds crew and the student-run Berry Bees Enterprise which keeps bees and sells their products. Kana also received a National Garden Club Scholarship this year.




Brendan Connollyis pursuing a master’s degree in Plant Biology and Conservation at Northwestern University while collaborating with the Chicago Botanic Garden. He was inspired by gardening with his Grandmother.







Brianna Niles, a new awardee this year, will be a Freshman at Montgomery College majoring in Earth and Environmental Science with a minor in Ecology. During her high school years she volunteered with the Seneca Valley Stream Cleanup.