About Us

Robin Hammer
Robin Hammer, National Capital Area’s President is looking forward to assisting all National Capital Area Garden Club’s! Please invite Robin to a regular club meeting, she would love to attend!
Cherie Lejeune
1st Vice-President : Membership
Cherie continues as a vital member of the NCAGC Team, moving into the role of 1st Vice President of Membership from two years as 2nd Vice-President! Watch out as Cherie continues to expand the Social Media presence for all our constituents!
Anna-Mae Kobbe
2nd Vice President - Awards
Anna-Mae Kobbe joins Robin and Cherie after serving as District IV Director for two years and as a previous District IV Awards Chair. Reach out to Anna-Mae to help understand the Awards process to celebrate the phenominal activities taking place at not just the District level but in Individual Garden Clubs as well!

The National Capital Area Garden Clubs (NCAGC) serves the greater Washington DC area with 2224 members, 70 garden clubs organized among four Districts.  Our history is deeply rooted at the United States National Arboretum.  Please stop at the Arbor House Gift Shop the next time you visit one of many gardens such as two very near to the hearts of NCA members; Fern Valley and Friendship Garden.

NCAGC is also a member of National Garden Clubs, Inc. and also the Central Atlantic Region.  As such we have the opportunity to participate in various local, regional and national programs.

For Example, the Blue Star Memorial Program, Life Memberships, Schools and Councils and Scholarships.


Our Mission

National Capital Area Garden Clubs, Inc., provides members and our communities with education, resources, and networking opportunities to promote gardening, horticulture, and design for civic engagement and environmental responsibility.

NCAGC Board Members

The NCAGC has many fabulous members who take on special leadership roles!

Elected Board Members

  • Recording Secretary: Jane Kneessi
    • Treasurer: Sharon Bauer
      • Assistant Treasurer: Connie Taylor
        • Arbor House Treasurer: Deborah Brafford
          • District I Director: Julie Harrison
            • District II Director: Barbara Kiker
              • District III Director: Mary Cottrell
                • District IV Director: Melissa Siegel
                • Appointed Board Members

                  • Advisor: Jo Sellers
                    • Civic Development/Philanthropy Chairman: Nancy Moats
                      • Communications Chairman: Arlene Stewart
                        • Council of Accredited Flower Show Judges President: Bette Lewis
                          • Environmental Consultants’ Council President: Lydia Barbour
                            • Environmental School Chairman: Anne Kiehl
                              • Finance Committee Chairman: Danielle Brabazon
                                • Flower Show School: Sandi Piccirillo
                                  • Gardening Consultants’ Council President: Joyce Skoglund
                                    • Gardening School Chairman: Joyce Skoglund
                                      • Landscape Design Council President: Mary Corley
                                        • Landscape Design School: Lisa Adelman and Karen O’Meara
                                          • Nominating: Leigh Kitcher
                                            • Parliamentarian/Organizational Studies Chairman: Shirley Nicolai
                                              • Scholarship Chairman: Bette Lewis
                                                • Webmaster: Danielle Brabazon