The National Capital Area Garden Clubs (NCAGC) began as the National Capital Garden Club League (NCGCL) in 1951.  The NCGCL was given permission by Congress, at the request of Arboretum Director Dr. Henry Skinner and Maryland State Senator Gilbert Gude, to have our headquarters at the Arboretum as a result of our hard work on Fern Valley.

The NCAGC members were instrumental in the establishment of the gift shop, Arbor House, as well as the Volunteer Guide Service.  Currently, the NCAGC is working with the Arboretum to install five rain gardens located in the R Street parking area and in the circle in front of the Administration Building.   Each garden will have a different theme: Low Maintenance, Coastal Plain, Butterfly, Formal/Traditional, and Xeric.  This current project was initiated under President Vickie Godwin in 2011 and supported by Past-Presidents David Healy and Jo Sellers as well as our current President Robin Hammer.

National Capital Area Garden Clubs, Inc.
Ten Year Historical Perspective
2001 – 2011

compiled by Danielle Brabazon, President Godwin’s Historian for NCAGC’s 60th Anniversary

Vickie Godwin

“Garden Our Community” 
Installation of 5 Rain Gardens at the USNA 2011-2013

Betty Mosher    2001 – 2003    “Catch the Joy of Gardening”
Joys of Youth in Gardens

Carol Carter      2003 – 2005    “Dedicated Stewards – Protecting our Living Legacy”  Recognize and Control Alien and Invasive Plants

Dale DeFeo        2005 – 2007     “Garden Clubs Help Us Blossom!”
Friendship Garden Guide

Rilla Crane       2007 – 2009     “Stretching Our Wings ~ SOW”
Fern Valley – Native Plants

Mary Ellen Alden      2009 – 2011     “Beautify, Protect and Cherish our NCA Community” Fern Valley Entrance and Botanical Labelling

2002  Freedom Tree Dedication at the US National Arboretum (October 6)

2002  75th Anniversary of US National Arboretum (October 3)

2002  Fall General Meeting – Amended bylaws

2002  Freedom Tree Dedication at Washington National Cathedral (November 25)

2002  New Category of Federation Scholarship Established – “pass-through”

2003  Hosted NGC Fall Board Meeting

2004  National Garden Week Garden Tour – 6 properties (June 5th)

2004  Supported NGC’s “America A-Bloom” program with a tree at the Pentagon (11/9)

2004  Fall General Meeting – Amended bylaws

2006  Name change – National Capital Area Garden Clubs, Inc.

2006  CAR Host

2007  Friendship Garden funds transferred from NGC to NCAGC

2007  NCAGC Convention

2007  NCAGC Recycling Initiative is launched

2008  Job change for former Assistant Treasurer to Arbor House Treasurer

2008  Separated Directory from Fall Capital Gardener

2010  Fern Valley’s 50th Anniversary Celebration (May 27)

2010  Awards Changes and Additional 3 Flower Show Awards

2001   50th Anniversary Ornament

2001   Gardening Gloves selling began

2002   “Project Outreach” of Arbor House Gift Shop

2003   Box Tops for Education

2004   Dazzling Floral Design Program Presented by NCAFGC ($25 reservation) (October 23)

2006   “Did You Know…” Books

2008   Saks 5th Avenue Fashion Show (benefit for Fern Valley)

2010   Holiday Design Showcase for the Home (NGC Convention)

2010   Passport to Savings Coupon Books (NGC Convention)

2010   Jewelry Sales (NGC Convention)

2001  (September 25th) NCAFGC 50th Anniversary Luncheon Cruise

2002  (May 5 – May 12) NGC Convention Cruising to New Horizons

2002  (August 1 – 12) NCAFGC trip to Floriade (Holland and Belgium Cruise)

2004  (July 24) NCAFGC to Alaska – Denali National Park & Glacier Discovery Cruise

2006  (July 27) Mississippi Riverboat Cruise

2002 (March)    It’s a Small World! Flower Show Presented by CAFSJ, NCAFGC

2004 (October) Autumn Splendor Presented by Judges Council

2007 (April)    Growing and Blossoming in Lilliputian Magic Sponsored by CAFSJ, NCAGC

2001 (November) Officers’ Wives’ Garden Club of Ft. Belvoir Veterans Day ceremony      recognized first Blue Star Memorial at Pence Gate (9/17/90)

    (4 Blue Star Memorial ceremonies held during 2001-2003)

2003 (April)  Montgomery Village Garden Club

2007 ( May)  Centennial Garden Club

2007 (May)  Willow Brook Garden Club

2007 (June)  Cheverly Garden Club

2007 (June)  Five Hills Garden Club

2007 (September) Tanta-Cove Garden Club

2008 (November) The Little Farms Garden Club of Potomac

2009 (May)  Rock Spring Garden Club

2010 (September) New Carrollton Garden Club

2011 (May)  NCAGC at Congressional Cemetery for NGC Convention

2002  6 Smokey Bear/Woodsy Owl plus 2 Garden Party Posters submitted

                    Won 1st  place tie Grade 4, Poetry won 2nd place Grade 7

2002  Indoor Classroom to 5 DC Public Schools

2002  5K at the USNA to benefit Youth Gardening

2003  2 clubs have sponsored posters for Smokey Bear/Woody Owl plus posters for “A Thing of

Beauty – A Tree”

2003  Hands-on activities at National Cherry Blossom Festival (3/29 – 4/5)

2003  Betty Mosher received $1000 for Growing Green Dreams from the Washington Redskins Community Quarterback Awards Luncheon (12/2)

2005  Dig in Your Heels 5K at the USNA (November 6)

2007  Third Annual “Dig in Your Heels” 5K (November 4)

2007  Franconia Elementary had three Penny Pines Poster Contest Winners

2001  (April 24th) 10th Anniversary of Friendship Garden

2001  Poet Laureate Sandy Adams Poem Catch the Joy of Gardening

2001   Ellen Spencer wrote article Rain Gardens: The Natural Solution in Winter CG

2002   Garden Clubs Honored for Service to National Cathedral Flower Mart:

               Trowel (63y), Kenwood (54y), Evergreen (47y), Four Seasons (46y)

2002  (June 25 & 26) 15th Symposium by the Council of Accredited Flower Show Judges

2002  Poet Laureate Sandy Adams Poem For Always The Rose

2002  Entered Pentagon Memorial Design Contest (Mary Gregerson)

2002  Participated in EdenfernTM  project

2003  Club Anniversaries:  

   50 years: Aspen Hill, Hilltop, Oxen Hill, Rock Spring, Trowel, Woodmoor

   60 years: Woodridge

   70 years: Manassas

2003  National Project Two Million Trees, NCAFGC (48 clubs) planted a 3993 trees.

2003  National Park Service Workshop at the C&O Canal to remove invasive plants

2004  National Park Service Workshop at Theodore Roosevelt Island (invasive plants)

2004   Club Anniversaries:

   50 years: Cheverly, Five Hills, Four Seasons, Gardeners of the Junior

                 League of Washington, DC, Hilltop, Marlan Forest, Stonybrook

   75 years: Ayr Hill

   80 years: Bethesda Community, Georgetown

2004   Planted a white ash Champion Tree from Mount Vernon in September 11      Memorial

          Garden at NGC Headquarters.

2005   Workday at Dumbarton Oaks Park (April 23)

2005   Welcomed Belle Haven Garden Club (June 10)

2005   Club Anniversary

   50 years: Gaywood Garden Club

2006   Club Anniversary

   50 years: Eastland Garden Club

   80 years: Garden Club Chevy Chase

2006  Patriotic Tree (White Ash) Dedication at River Farm from the “Branch Out and Blossom             Contast” won by District II

2007   Nominated Stella Koch (a non-garden club member) for NGC Award of Excellence

2008    Club Anniversaries:

   75 years: Town and Country  

2008    Welcomed Two new District III Garden Clubs: Centreville and Exeter

2008   Tour of Fern Valley with NGC President Barbara May, led by Joan Feely, USNA          Curator           (September 23)

2009   Club Anniversaries:

   40 years: Southwood Garden Club

   50 years: New Carrollton Garden Club

2010   Arbor House receives solar panels

2010  NCAGC, Inc. General Meeting at USDA Lincoln Library (September)

2011  Rally for the Azaleas and Boxwoods at the U.S. National Arboretum