Life Memberships:
A NCAGC Life Membership is a way of honoring an individual who shares our garden club interests!  Perhaps your club president, a husband, a wife, and someone in your garden club or community!  Life Members receive special recognition throughout the year at our NCA events.  The contribution of $50 goes to the NCAGC Scholarship Fund. Applications for the NCAGC Life Membership can be sent any time throughout the year to the 2017-2019 Life Membership Chair, Chris Getek.

Application for the NGC (National) Life Membership and check ($200) are made out to NGC and sent to the National Life Membership Chairman.  This application form can be obtained by clicking here.  Application can be made any time.

Application forms for the C.A.R. Life Membership are available at the website or by clicking here. This check ($50 payable to the Central Atlantic Region) is sent to the C.A.R. Life Member Chairman as noted ion their application which can be made at any time.