Award Information

Anna-Mae Kobbe, State Awards Chair

District Awards Chairs
I   –  Shirley Nicolai         
II  –  Lin Stauffer         
III –  Anne Stuntz         
IV –  Sharon Bauer

Members of the National Capital Area Garden Clubs have multiple opportunities for recognition of all their great works!  Some even have monetary award amounts!

October 15th:    NGC Plant America Grant
November 1st:   NCAGC Newsletters and Yearbooks – sent to District Awards Chair
November 1st:   Award of Honor
November 15th: NCAGC, CAR, NGC Awards with Books of Evidence to State Awards Chair
January 15th:    NCAGC Award 18 – sent to District Awards Chair
February 1st:     NCAGC Landscape Design Council Community Project Grant
July 1st:            CAR Perrenial Bloom Award – sent to District Awards Chair

NOTE: Grants listed above in Orange are separate from the State and District Awards System

Book of Evidence

Here are the Guidelines for putting together a Book of Evidence. 


The National Garden Clubs website has a tremendous amount of resources.  Please check out their Awards information which begins at: