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The ECC was first formed in 2001 by Consultants who graduated from the first series of Environmental School (ES) Courses* run by the National Capital Area Garden Clubs, Inc. (NCAGC). Membership is currently at 37 Consultants, including 19 Accredited, 12 Masters, 3 Provisional and 3 Emeritus. We are sponsored by NCAGC, our state, which is a non-profit organization and is a member of the largest gardening organization in the world, National Garden Clubs, Inc. (NGC). Annual dues are $15. Our goals are to continue our own environmental education and to assist those running the school as they educate others about our dynamic and fascinating environment. Continuing our own education is accomplished during four yearly meetings currently held jointly with the Gardening Consultants’ Council. We enjoy tours and lectures at those meetings. Our meeting locations vary depending on the program, but we often meet in the classroom at The National Arboretum at 3501 New York Avenue, N.E., Washington DC 20002. During our picnic, normally held at a member’s home in June, we enjoy good food, good company and a plant auction. Our schedule for 2017-2019 is:

October 18, 2017                     October 17, 2018
January 24, 2018                     January 23, 2019
April 25, 2018                            April 24, 2019
June 27, 2018                           June 26, 2019

Any garden club member who has taken all four ES courses, anywhere they are offered in NGC states, within a seven-year period, and who has taken and passed the examination in each course (with a score of at least 70%,) may join the ECC as a Consultant. Students who complete any two courses are eligible to join as provisional members while they complete the final two courses. To retain membership, Consultants must complete at least one ES course as a refresher at least once every five years. Members may also refresh by taking an NGC sanctioned trip or tour. Once a Consultant has completed five refreshers, they may become a Master Consultant. A Master Consultant may apply for emeritus status when they have completed two additional NGC approved refresher courses, and no longer wish to remain active.

Our current Officers (2017-2019) are:
Lydia Barbour, Council President, lydiabarbour@hotmail.com
Anne Kiehl, Council Vice-President and School Chairman, kiehlruth@verizon.net
Mary Corley, Treasurer, mandmcorley@verizon.net
Jean Rositol, Recording Secretary, jbrositol@yahoo.com

*More detail about the school is available here – https://ncagardenclubs.org/schools-and-councils/