NCA Capital Column December 2018



Winter is coming, can you feel it?  My new NGC Plant America daffodil bulbs are in the ground - I'll post photos in the spring!  Cleaning and clearing the garden for winter is a wonderful reflective task.  Planning, dreaming and sketching often accompany cleaning.  Sharing your ideas with fellow garden clubs members may be a great idea for a garden club program.  Keep sharing your garden club photos for the President's Project - A Garden For Every Garden Club.  Lisa Cort is looking forward to incorporating your photos and the slideshow is accessible on the website.


Great News!

NCAGC is hosting NGC Flower Show School, Course I at the US Arboretum on Friday and Saturday, February 1st and 2nd, 2019 with the exam on Sunday, February 3rd.  Our Judges' Council is full of fantastic folks who will be there to help you and help our instructors.  We will keep you well-fed & well-focused -- and busy - learning, laughing, and having a great time!  We have two top-notch, terrific instructors: Jackie Davies - Design, from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and Sue Kirkman - Horticulture and Procedure, from the Commonwealth of Kentucky.  Come join us for Flower Show School, Course I and learn how to think like a NGC Judge!  Bring a friend.  ALL ARE WELCOME! Registration is available here and on the website.


Great Winner!

Jane Kneessi was our November winner, who correctly identified the seven CAR-SGC states: New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Ohio, Maryland and the National Capital Area!  Congratulations!  Our December Quiz Question - are there any trees that are deciduous conifers?  Share your answer with me by December 30th!


Great Ideas!

Join us on January 16, 2019 for a Great Ideas Session from 10am  - noon.  We will discuss topics such as paying NCAGC dues, adding new club members, filing 990's, updating club information for NCAGC communications, budgeting for the Garden Club year, and taking advantage of donations and grants.  Please join us - all club members welcome!  RSVP today!


Great Benefits!

As a follow-up to our January 16, 2019 Great Ideas meeting, we will post helpful lists and information on our NCAGC Members Only page to aid garden club members in all you do during the garden club  year!  Be sure to take a look at this information and let any of us on the NCAGC Board know if you have any questions!  Our NCAGC 501c3 Group Exemption application will be filed with the IRS shortly.  Once our Group Exemption is approved, additional clubs will be added.  Stay tuned!  And our Benefits of Belonging to the NCAGC will be posted online to remind us why belonging to NCAGC is a great idea and helpful to those interested in recruiting and retaining members!


Great Publicity!

Please remember to post stories and photos on your website or Facebook pages and share with your Club, District or Council newsletters!  Great news travels fast when we share! We want to help you "toot your own horn" and get new members interested and current members involved! Please share the special projects and events you are doing!



The NCAGC Environmental Consultants Council want to share this video with you: Wolves

Award 18 Information:  Award Form               - Deadline January 15, 2019
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Landscape Design Consultants - Community Project Grant - Deadline February 1st