NCA Capital Column December 2019

Happy and Healthy 2019

The New Year brings hope, promise, and new (or renewed!) resolutions. And renewed resolve. Does everyone make a resolution? Trending on Twitter right now is #InsteadOfTheGym—yes, people are writing what they do instead of going to the gym! So—running outside, yoga, and GARDENING—all great & healthy activities!

We are gardeners—healthy, strong, artistic, helpful, creative, problem solvers. We are teachers and lifelong learners. We care for the earth, our neighbors, and our neighborhoods. Resolutions? We turn over and replant every year! 

Happy & Healthy 2019, my friends!
Let’s resolve to enjoy and “grow” our gardens and our garden club friends!

You would never know this was the middle of the winter—we have so much going on in NCA!

Please update your Directory - New Executive Secretary is:
Helen Chaikovsky
6057 Ramshorn Place
McLean, Virginia 22101-2420
703-748-3071 (home)

Please let Helen Chaikovsky know of any membership changes and mail her your donations.  She will be sending you the Dues Renewals this spring. We thank Carol Butler for all her service as Executive Secretary for the NCAGC. 

Is your club holding a meeting this month? Some clubs do. Others are meeting in small groups planning for the year ahead—flower shows, planning club gardens, working on awards and the some are working on the new Landscape Design Council Grant!

This is a good time for your club to regroup and look at your club garden, your club projects, your upcoming programs. And we have a lot of help and support to offer you! Some have already contacted me about meeting to discuss Great Ideas for Garden Clubs on January 16; some have already written and spoken—happy to set up a meeting to help your club out! Give me a call or send me an email—we can set up a good time to meet or have a conference call.

Has your club addressed dues and donations? Do you need a hand with your 990 or setting up your club documents for the NCA 501c3 program? Send me an email—here to help!


Sign up NOW for NGC’s Flower Show School Course 1–offered RIGHT HERE! 
•Apply for the new NCA Landscape Design Council Grant - click HERE!
•Participate in the January 16th discussion on topics like:
         Setting agenda's for club meetings or taking minutes
        Join NCA’s 501c3 State Group filing—at no cost to your garden club!
        File your club’s 990
        Reserve your spot or conference call time by contacting Robin:

Save the Date: 2019 Events
**Spring NCAGC State Meeting - Tuesday, March 19
**Biannual Installation - Tuesday, April 23
**Landscape Design School - Monday, March 25 and Tuesday, March 26
**Gardening Study School Course 3 - Tuesday, May 21 & Wednesday May 22 

Reserve a room for the Regional Conference in October! NCA is hosting the seven state Region this year and there is LOTS to do for all garden club members!

•Take a photo of your garden club’s project—for the NCA President’s Project, A Garden For Every Garden Club! We are collecting photos to add to the slideshow for our March 19 NCA General Meeting, our Awards Meeting!  Email Lisa Cort!

Do you know?

So many of you sent in answers to last month’s question—GREAT! There are three deciduous conifers: larch, bald cypress, and dawn redwood! Congratulations to all!
This month—our question is:
Which birds do not fly south in the winter?

See you in the Garden!
(When I haven’t flown South)