NCA Capital Columns for November 2018

Falling Back


The bright colors of nature around us mark time as the seasons change. Fall & winter bring change and a break in the gardening cycle.  For our clubs, this is a good time to reflect and assess.  Our role as NCA leadership is to support our clubs and our members.  How can we help you?  Are you club members involved and active?  What is the health of your garden club?  Do many members in the club support programs and projects?  How is your club's financial health?  I would love to have Coffee and Conversation with you and your club to help answer any of your NCAGC questions from how to follow an agenda during garden club meetings to participating in NCAGC offered Schools, holding flower shows and the benefits of 501(c)3.  Please email me to setup a time.  We are here - ready to help you!


Morning of Design

Last Friday, November 2nd, Judges Council and District I hosted a wonderful event.  Here are just a few of the great designs!


IRS Form 990 Information

Does your club file the IRS required Form 990 - regular or short form or postcard?  If you or your club has any questions or would like help completing Form 990, please call 8770829-5500.  This is a toll-free telephone service provided by the IRS and is available Monday - Friday.


President's Project

Garden Clubs, please continue to submit your photos of your gardens to Lisa Cort, she will be updating the President's Project slideshow, A Garden for Every Garden Club, before the Spring meeting in April.  Remember, not every garden is in the ground.  If your club brings flowers or plants or gardening knowledge to groups in your community - your club has created a garden!  You are spreading our NCA mission.  This President's Project does not require a cash contribution, instead, I am asking for your time, your energy and your involvement -- in your garden club and in your community.  Together we will be able to make - Plant American, Let's Grow Together!, my 2017-2019 NCA President's theme a reality.


CAR-SGC 2019

Our Tool TIme, NCA Garden Shed Sale held in September raised funds for the upcoming CAR-SGC 2019 Conference - a different way of reaching the community and spreading our NCAGC Mission!  We all appreciated the support our efforts - some came to shop, some to chat with our neighbors and club members, or to enjoy a craft activity.  SAVE THE DATE - October 24 & 25, 2019!  There will be a Symposium held immediately after the Conference on October 26th.


Friendly Competition

NCAGC is proud to host the 2019 CAR-SGC Conference!  Please email me the names of the other CAR-SGC states to me at  A winner will be chosen from the list of correct entries received before November 28th and will be announced in my December "Capital Column".


Flower Show School

Winter in NCA will also bring Flower Show School!  The eagerly awaited Course 1 will be offered February 1 & 2, and the NGC Flower Show Judges exam for Course 1 will be on February 3, 2019.  Why take Flower Show School?  To learn about the Elements and Principles of Design, to understand Horticulture and procedure, or to continue as a lifelong learner!  Understanding the role of the judges, how NGC judging is done, is critical to our experience in our club's flower shows and in our gardens.  Our judges are the best because our classes are the best!  Come see why!


As you know, my favorite thing about NCA Garden Clubs is the wonderful camaraderie we all enjoy and share with our marvelous club members and the exciting exchange of ideas and information!  I am so happy to know you and work with so many talented gardeners, writers, artists, and designers from all over our State.

Many Thanks to all in NCA for all you do!  If you are ever looking for a little challenge or a larger one, or a way to expand your skills - or have a great idea to share - please let me know!  NCA members are working on many suggested projects  - all the time.  Why not share your suggestion today?  Just give me a call or send me an email - I'd love to hear from you!  Plant America - Let's Grow Together!

See you in the Garden!